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Introduction: Aging is a dynamic biological process, divided into intrinsic and extrinsic. Hands are often overlooked to care for even though they are areas that are often exposed to the sun. Currently, many botanical topical agents for hand aging, one of which is argan oil.
Case: Female patient, 60 years old, the main complaint is wrinkles on the backs of her hands which are increasing with time and the skin of her hands also feels dry and some brownish spots appear. General examination of the patient is within normal limits. Examination of the dermatological status of the two forearms and the back of the hand revealed hyperpigmented macules, firm borders, multiple, irregular edges, varied in shape and size. There are also fine wrinkles. The patient was diagnosed with solar lentigo and hand aging, the patient was treated with topical argan oil once a day at night, evaluated every 2 weeks until 8 weeks and clinical improvement was obtained with an 11 point reduction based on the Clinical Scale for Forearm Photoaging.
Conclusion: Argan oil is quite effective in reducing signs of skin aging by inhibiting melanin biosynthesis, reducing wrinkles and leaving skin moisturized.


argan oil; hand aging

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